How Casino Bonuses Work

Below, we explain the basic bonuses and how they actually work. Successful online casino players understand the bonus systems employed by the casino operators. Take a little time to read below, but also keep an eye on promotions that the casinos run, they are sometimes not advertised generally. However, by subscribing below, we will keep you updated with the best offers and freebies. You can see the latest example here.

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Bonus Terms & Conditions.

Casinos offer players bonuses to tempt them to register and deposit and play. There is nothing wrong with that, but what if a casino offers this for example “₹90,000 MATCH BONUS!” and you deposit ₹10,000 expecting to get ₹20,000 but only get ₹15,000 total? Then you read the terms and conditions “we pay maximum ₹5,000 bonus on 1st deposit, ₹10,000 maximum on 2nd deposit” etc., etc. Not very honest right? That is why we check all the terms and conditions of every bonus that is offered by the casino we review, we deposit and play at every casino we review. The due diligence we undertake saves you time and allows you to trust the casinos we review.

How Casino Bonuses Work

Ok, so casinos will not just give you free money, you cannot merely deposit, double your money and withdraw it. The casino terms & conditions will state that you must play-through the bonus many times; this could be 50 times the bonus amount before you can cash out. You may think that is a lot, but consider slots games for example; you will win some, lose some spins over and over again, play hundreds of spins at a total amount of 10’s of thousands of rupees but only win or lose a couple of thousand rupees at the end of the session. Therefore you can play-through the bonus amounts pretty quickly. We look for casinos that play fair, so we prefer a play-through rate of 40 times or less.

Bonus Types

There are many different types of bonus, and we take you through a few of them below.

1st Deposit Match Bonus

The most common deposit bonus. It could be a ’50 % match bonus’ whereby the casino will give you half again of the amount you deposit or ‘100% match bonus’ which doubles your deposit amount. These bonuses only work with your initial deposit.

Reload Bonus

If you have not played at the casino for a while, they may offer you another chance to get a deposit bonus, and this is usually called a “Reload.”

Free Spins Bonus

Exactly what it says on the tin, some casinos will give you many free spins on the slot games. Free spins are sometimes limited to certain games. The Terms & Conditions will provide the maximum value of each spin, and they are usually free spins on games with small minimum play value. So, for example, you could receive 25 free spins on games that have a minimum play of 20c/ 20 rupees per spin, so the bonus amount is worth €5/400+. However, it is still FREE! And, this allows you to try the slots games using the spins and not your own money.

Free Play Bonus

Free play bonuses are usually associated with online poker. They can be tournament tickets that will give you free entry to multi-table tournaments or free play cash which you can only use for poker. If you are new to poker, this can be an excellent bonus, using the sites money and not your own to get some poker playing experience.

So check back here regularly to receive the very latest and best online casino bonuses.